Will Martinez

Will Martinez's creature, Ghast? I really love this! I believe its a Ghast, but I may be wrong. Either way its a great choice, and great interpretation of the description. The choice of taking this humanoid fish creature who happened to be wearing nothing but human clothes is awesome. The environment, while simple, seems to fit the creature perfectly, as if it is suppose to be walking around a New England towns waterfront. The rendering is really nice, and the subtle but colorful eyes and gills are nice color points set within the very grey and cool scene.

Pet Project

Zack Jones

Nice colors Zack. Next time around start with reference of a real dog (ideally multiple images) to help you craft your finish. The anatomy feels more like a toy than a real animal. Look, for example, in the lower front legs where the structure is kind of sausage like... pushing those shapes in and out to help explain the musculature of the animal would make for a much more informative drawing.

Yoshi Yoshitani

I like the idea behind this, but I think the digital medium is getting in your way. It looks like you’re experimenting with different methods for texturing as opposed to actually trying to model the form. Think first about modeling forms, second about adding texture to surfaces!

Woodrow Hinton

I love the drawing on this one, and the way you used the atmosphere. I’d try taking a few minutes to push it further near the top of your critter. If you ran mist in front of the portions of tentacle going behind the body so the creature faded as parts became more distant it would make it appear even more gigantic than it already does. Nice work!