Chun Lo

Chun Lo's Dhole. I really love the scale in this piece. We see the Dhole worm as this massive dragon like creature. This also tied in well with the little knight in the foreground. The environment is loosely executed but adds to the whimsical world in which it habits. While the concept seems a little more sci-fi than the description, I think this works well and is a really cool piece.

Scott Flanders

Scott Flanders' Shoggoth. I like this piece more for its execution. The scene doesn’t necessarily show you the concept of the creature in detail, but it definitely makes a great scene based off the text chosen. The dark shadow set against a white out winter background is somewhat haunting, especially with the blisteringly cold wind swept treatments the artist has added. Great piece!

Craig Spearing

Craig J. Spearing's Shoggoth. Right off the bat I thought this was a great piece. The monster is well interpreted from the description text presented with the image. Our artist communicates the scale simply and efficiently. The palette choice is simple but effective, communicating the environment and the eeriness of the monster. Overall a straight forward illustration that is well rendered and communicates the emotion of the piece to the audience.