Dungeons & Dragons Cartoons

Every now and then I get to be part of a really cool experiment. And to be honest, it's the kind of stuff that gets me excited about getting up and going to work in the morning. Today I get to announce an exciting opportunity. Dungeons & Dragons wants to do some web comics. And when I say some, I really mean a bunch of 'em. I'm on the hunt for artist and writers that want to create web comics for Dungeons & Dragons brand. Let me tell you a little about the initiative. I'm looking to kick 'em off around March or April depending upon how quickly I can get artists working and get some pieces in the can. I'm shooting for three strips a week initially, and depending upon the response maybe we'll notch it up later in the year. What I'm looking for: Single & multi-panel comic. Animated comics. Black & White or color. Traditional or digital.
We will provide editorial direction, but you'll provide all the talent for writing and drawing. If you do well, I'll give you more work and do my best to make a rock star out of you. It'll follow the standard Wizards of the Coast contract, so we purchase all rights and I'm going to rock the web. Think you've got the chops to make me laugh or think. Then drop me a line and give it a subject line of Web Comics. Show me a few of your best pieces and let me know what you can do. If you got some killer ideas, share them along with your samples. I wanna see how you think as well as how you draw. Got questions, or want to see a discussion on a particular subject? Seen a new face, or seen an old face that is doing something new and exciting? Then send me a link to their website, and tell me why I should go check them out. Remember, this is a referral program, not a self promotion program! The genre doesn’t have to be limited to fantasy and sci-fi either. Don’t forget that you can also send your art submissions to Wizards of the Coast.