Dungeon Delve Challenge

I finally got all the info from my editor and got my art orders written up, and that means it time for a new magazine challenge! What is a magazine challenge? This challenge is being lifted straight from the pages of an upcoming Dungeon Magazine article. Participation in this challenge affords you the opportunity to work on a real life art project, get your work seen by the D&D art directors and editors (and anyone else that is lurking the site), and you also have the possibility of having your work picked for purchase and publication! This time, we're taking on an adventure. Description: An adventurer in a dark dungeon, thrusting lantern ahead into darkness. Character can be just about any race, class, and gender, as long as he or she looks in bad shape-cut, bruised, dirty, hair all stringy and damp from moisture dripping off walls and off ceiling. 

This character is lost in the dungeon and doesn¹t even know whether there is a way out, much less where it would be. I'm looking for a piece that captures the concept of being lost in dangerous territory "behind enemy lines" type of vibe. I will not provide direction on the dungeon. The adventurer could be in a long dark hallway, or a vast dwarven hall under the mountains. The environment should be chosen to support the concept of the illustration. Challenge details: You can enter only one submission; You must submit both a sketch and final on or before the deadline to be eligible; If selected, you will be offered the opportunity to have the piece purchased and published. The fee schedule at which this piece will be paid will be $300, with the standard Wizards of the Coast contract. 

Submissions should be posted in the ArtOrder forums. Why is this a big deal? Well, in the comments of my "Getting Your Second Project" article someone asked if I could talk about someone that impressed me and got a second project. How appropriate of a request! Recently we had the Gotta Have A Hook challenge, and Mathias Kollros one that one. Mathias leveraged a win in that challenge into a published piece. He didn't stop there though. Mathias exceeding the expectations on his next commission as well, and quickly became a go to artist for both D&D and Magic art directors. Unfortunately, I can't showcase any of that work yet...but suffice it to say, Mathias has his foot in the door in a major way. Time will tell what he can do with it over the long hall.